Types of Marketing Translations

Translations are not only confined to legal documents or websites, it is also an important part in marketing department. With the advent of internationalization, everyone is thinking of expanding their businesses. A business is sheer waste without marketing, as marketing is the only tool which connects the business with the target audience. Hence, when a business is thinking of extending its services to a niche market, it is a commonsense that it should adopt the native culture and language for communicating with them. Hence, the business is supposed to redesign all its forms of promotional strategies in to the native language. Here comes the need for a good translator.

A good translator, who has accurate and keen knowledge about the local tastes and preference and also language, is to be preferred. The purpose of a translator in marketing strategies is to translate the promotional activities adopted by the company in order to reach that particular audience. The basic types of marketing translations performed by a translator are:

Catalog translation: Catalog is a tool which gives knowledge about the various range of products offered by the company. Catalog translation is very essential as it makes the people understand the specialty of business.

Advertising Translations: Translation of advertisements is very difficult, as it requires high level of customization. For an advertisement to reach native people just word to word translation is not enough, inclusion of local culture, tastes, habits, etc., have to be taken in to consideration while translating.

Marketing Campaign Translations: These translations include customizing the campaigns according to the nativity of the target audience. Simple aspects, like culture, food, traditions, style, festivals, etc. have to be kept in mind.

Brochure Translations: Brochure includes each and every detail of the business. It actually gives a clear idea regarding what the business is about. Hence, translation of brochure is very important.

Sometimes, some of the marketing aspects require certified translations to avoid any legal claims or law suits.

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