Tips To Use Electric System More Efficiently

The use of the electricity is very high and there are no signs of deceasing in the near future. Here are some tips to use the electric heating system in a more efficient way which saves the electric bills:

  • Supplement the main unit with the portable unit, for example, if there is only one person in one room of the home, then instead of using a main unit it is better to use portable unit, in order to save electricity.
  • Set the thermostat in such a way that it runs less frequently and keep the heater down a degree or two.
  • During the winter times let the natural sunlight fall in to the home by opening up the draperies and shades, which ultimately reduces the need of heaters and turn off the heat, unless the temperature outside gets below freezing.
  • Install an automatic timer to keep the thermostat which keeps the temperature at 68 degrees during the day and 55 degrees at night time.
  • Repair all the cracks, holes large or small, in the roof, walls, doors and windows and also seal the places from where the heat might escape.
  • Properly insulate the basement, garage through which heat may escape.
  • Turn off the heating system when not in use, this will save the electrical bills. But don’t do this for short time absences because it consumes much energy to heat the cold water every time.
  • Keep the windows open during the winter times and at the same time see that no toxins are building up.
  • Regular checking and the maintenance of the heating systems will also make the heating systems more efficient.

The above are the tips for saving electricity using electric heaters.

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