Know About the History of Conservatories

Conservatories are beautiful home extensions. Many types of conservatories are there such as wooden conservatories, aluminum conservatories, PVC conservatories and so on based on the material used. Let us know about the history of conservatories. The progress made in the manufacture of flat glass gets connected to the historical development of conservatories.

Attempt to Construct buildings, that allow light but remain cold, was made by Ancient Romans. They used sheets of mica instead of glass. With the fall of Roman Empire, these conservatories also disappeared gradually. Later conservatories had their origin in British Empire. The ideas of these conservatories were based on those of Roman Empire. During the Victorian Era of 19th century, conservatories appeared in Europe. Tropical fruits were cultivated at those times. This was considered as the driving force for construction of conservatories throughout the 18th century. A display of social status was represented by the conservatories. Slowly, the conservatories are not only meant for cultivating plants, they were also used for arranging some social gatherings during summer after removing the winter plants.

However there were some limitations for their performance. Thermal criteria was not satisfied by those conservatories. The use of glass technology had not evolved. During 1970s there has been a development of using various materials for conservatories. Introduction of using materials with technology such as glass, insulating glass, glass coating and construction techniques was done during this period. This started a practice of constructing different designs of conservatories.

Thus the role of conservatories has been changed a lot. Now, they can be used for a wide range of things from exotic spas to sitting rooms and spacious art studios. Now various models of bespoke conservatories are being constructed based on the specific requirements of home owners.

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