Know About Hair Drug Testing at Workplace

It was estimated by the U.S. Department of Labor that the cost to employers for drug use in workplace is $75 billions to $100 billions annually. Hence there is a need for performing employee drug testing. Employee drug testing is done through various methods by using, blood, hair, urine, and saliva. Let us know about the importance of hair drug testing at workplace.

Nourishment of hair is through bloodstream. So anything that is ingested, injected or inhaled gets deposited in the blood and later in hair. If any drugs are consumed, they are also deposited at the hair shaft. It is very difficult to adulterate a hair sample and hence many organizations prefer hair drug testing. This is the most important advantage of using hair follicles for employee drug testing. Pre-employment drug testing when done with hair follicles, helps in preventing the hiring of drug abused people.

A continued drug use over a period of 30 to 90 days or longer can be detected by hair tests. Employment drug testing by hair is the preferred method for employers. Hair drug test helps in detecting the drug abuse instead of occasional drug use. As short as one-half inch of hair sample from any part of the body can be essential for performing hair drug test. Hair can be collected for sample from head, armpit, chest, face and legs.

Hair drug testing is the most efficient way of screening already existing employees as well as yet to be hired candidates. Certain issues such as testing employees who behave erratically and who are impaired while on the job, and people who are involved in accidents at workplace can be done through hair drug testing.

Some of the advantages of using hair drug tests are listed below.

  • Non-invasiveness
  • Low Cost
  • Ability to measure a large number of potential and toxic drugs

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