Know About CCD Barcode Scanners

Barcode is defined as a machine-readable representation of information in a visual format on a surface. Barcodes earlier store data in widths and spacings of printed parallel lines. However, these are also coming in different patterns such as dots, concentric circles, and hidden in images. The barcodes are printed on labels called barcode labels. The code is read by optical scanners termed barcode scanners.

Many types of barcode scanners have been in use. CCD scanners are one among them. CCD scanners are camera-based scanners that are available in market these days. The full form of CCD is Charge Coupled Device. This is a newer technology which is being used by pen and laser barcode readers. An array of light sensors are present at the head of CCD scanner. These sensors analyze the light intensity from the barcode labels. The image of the label is picked up automatically by the CCD scanners.

There are no moving parts in CCD barcode scanners. Hence they are less prone to failure. LEDs are used for light illumination by these scanners. They last for about ten times as long as laser light diode. Hence the durability of these scanners is also very high.

Gift cards, debit and credit payments are swiped through the CCD barcode readers. These are able to read the magnetic stripes which are present at the back of cards. CCD scanners also have their applications in shift track of employees for security reasons at universities and public events.

The scanners are most often used in retail stores. When compared to a pen wand, these have better read-range. A wider range of applications are seen with the help of CCD barcode scanners. CCD scanners can be available with USB and keyboard wedge connections. Newer scanners with this technology help the users to read even smaller barcodes along with high efficiency. This also helps many industries in maintaining their inventories with accuracy.

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