Know About 2D Barcode Scanners

The barcode system has been advancing in technologies day by day. Earlier one dimensional barcodes are available and hence single dimensional barcode scanner has been used. These days as the technology is getting advanced, two-dimensional barcodes are used. A two-dimensional barcode scanner is to be used for reading two-dimensional barcode.

2D scanners can store high volume of data in a small area. Hence they have been more popular these days. Increased data and accurate readings are done with portable and mounted scanners. The 2D scanners can use dimensions which run perpendicular so that the added data can be stacked on the information that is already present.

Storing, Identifying, and decoding complex barcodes is possible through the use of 2D barcode scanners. For accuracy and integrity of medical records 2D barcode scanners are being in use by medical professionals. Inventory of medical supplies and information of patient’s intake and discharge, and tabulation of medications given to the patient are done by the use of 2D barcode scanners.

Conventional scanners and laser scanners have been replaced by 2D scanners in the market use. Complex 2D barcodes can be read by 2D barcode scanners. CCD and imaging technologies can be used by these scanners in order to get the right output. These scanners may be integrated with a computer through a USB port or a Bluetooth device. Then they would be configured with some software for getting the data into a specific file.

In order to reach the increasing requirements for storing the data efficiently, the 2D scanners are in great demand. Some of the examples of 2D scanner are two-dimensional Symbol barcode scanner, 2D Metrologic barcode scanner, and 2D Datalogic barcode scanner.

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