What are the Different Barcode Reader Technologies

Better functioning of business process with efficient and accurate automatic identification of products can be possible by using barcode scanners. There are different barcode technologies which can help businesses in tracking inventory, monitoring stock movement, increasing operational efficiency, improving employee productivity, and more. There are different types of barcode reader technologies such as:

Pen style reader: This is one type of technology which is also called as wand barcode reader. It has a light source and a photodiode, positioned next to each other at the tip of the pen reader. These pen readers are suited for low volume and desktop applications and they are small and durable.

Laser scanners: The more precise readability of barocdes can be offered by these laser barcode scanners. Instead of a light source, a laser beam is used in these laser scanners in order to work efficiently. Brightness and sharpness of the laser beam helps to have preciseness and greater accuracy in reading barcodes while reading. Symbol Barcode scanners are the best example for these laser barcodes. The main advantage of these scanners is that they can read barcode labels even from a great distance.

CCD readers: These scanners are also called as linear imager barcode reader. They consist of a series of tiny light sensors which measure the intensity of the light. The distance at which these barcode readers can read barcodes varies from few inches to several feet way. These scanners are designed to withstand hard and harsh working conditions.

Camera-based scanners: Camera-based barcode scanners are the latest barcode technology. They are also called as 2D imaging scanners. A small camera can be used to take an image of the barcode and in order to decode the barcodes advanced digital image processing techniques are used. Even wrinkled and damaged barcode labels can be read by these barcode scanners. Symbol scanners are the best example for this scanner.

The above information is about different technologies which are used in barcode scanners to get efficient and accurate reading.

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