Types of Small Business Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance provides protection for you from lawsuits which result by bodily injury on your business premises because of negligence or wrong doing by yourself or an employee of your business. You and your business are protected by business liability insurance from financial risk. Five types of liability insurances are there, such as:

General liability insurance: This is one type of business liability insurance, coverage for property or injury which result by your negligence or your employees’ wrong doing. Generally, it seems to be as complete business insurance package.

Occurrence policy: The claims are covered by this occurrence policy at a later date. The duration can be months or years after the occurrence of incident.

Professional liability insurance: There are many professionals in an organization, so it is very useful to a business to protect from different claims which are caused by errors and omissions which are carried by professionals like accountants, contractors, attorneys. Professional is a broad terms that can be from plumber to the surgeon.

Product small business liability: If any damage or accident occurs because of your business product then it provides coverage for your business. The coverage of this insurance depends on the type of product you manufacture.

Business liability against employee action: This was designed recently to protect the employers from different action taken by employees in different situations.

Companies basic liability needs are met by most of the small business liability insurance. Slander, libel and infringement or intellectual property are also covered by some general insurance policies. So, you should read fine print thoroughly to understand about coverage of insurance policy for your business.

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