What are the Types of Marijuana Drug Testing

Marijuana drug test helps to know whether a person used marijuana drug or not. There are many types of marijuana drug test available to find out the marijuana drug abuse.

Urine drug testing: This test is most commonly used test to detect the presence of the marijuana in the body. This test is less expensive. According to the SAMSHA, cutoff levels of marijuana are 50ng/ml. For single use, the detection period of this drug is 2 to 3 days and it is 12 weeks, if it is habitual use.

Saliva drug testing: Marijuana drug testing can be done by testing the saliva as specimen. It is more expensive than the urine drug testing and cheaper than blood drug testing. 50ng/ml is the cutoff levels of the marijuana in saliva drug test. In this test, drug can be detected even after 12 to 24 hours of drug abuse.

Hair drug testing: This is other type of drug test to detect the marijuana, in which hair is used as specimen. Cutoff levels of marijuana in hair test is 50ng/ml. It detects the drug after 90 days of drug abuse.

Blood testing: This is one more way to conduct marijuana drug test. Marijuana is detected by testing the blood of the individuals. It takes four to six days to provide the results of marijuana drug test. This is expensive test.

These are the types of marijuana drug tests based on the specimen used.

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