Instructions to Write Nanny’s Share Agreement

Sometimes, families come together to share the services of single nanny. Generally, sharing of nanny’s services can be done to reduce the childcare expenditure. There are few major mistakes which result in sharing the services of nanny such as failure of the parties to communicate terms or conditions properly.

If the nanny can take care of two children equally then this three way work agreement will be best choice. There are few tips to write the nanny share agreement to avoid misunderstandings, such as:

Compensation: First there is a clarity in paying compensation. There should be a proper agreement to pay the compensation like who will pay, and how much will be paid and when it will be paid. Discuss about tax treatment.

Coordination of paid time off: If nanny is sick then it will be handled, what about vacations and nanny should have the time for vacation at least for one week, state the vacation schedule in detail, these details should be mentioned in work agreement.

Over time compensation: Generally, salary of the nanny shared equally between the families and if she does any overtime for any one family, then how the compensation will be paid? Generally for whom she works overtime, such family has to pay for that. So, it should be clear in the work agreement.

Where nanny works: There should be a fair agreement like if any family who has share is in any vacation then does share relocate to other family? Is it convenient to nanny as geographically? These type of things should be mentioned in agreement.

So in this way, you should mention many things in share nanny work agreement then there will be no misunderstandings and other problems.

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