Process to Change the Engine Oil

Generally, engine oil is very important and it plays a main role in cooling and lubricating the vehicle’s moving parts. It is important in fuel’s internal combustion process in the engine of the car. There is a process to change the oil.

Some of the materials which are used in changing the engine oil are Quarts of engine oil, wheel ramp, oil filter wrench, blocks, funnel, and large plastic container, new oil filter.


  • First you should have a flat surface to work, there should not be any slope and you should not use hilly areas to change the oil.
  • Keep the wheel ramp under the front tires and put on the emergency brakes of the car and then you also put the wheel ramp under the back tires of the vehicle.
  • The hood and oil filter of the vehicle can be opened. Then you need to find out the drain plug which is at the bottom of the oil pan at the back side of the engine of the vehicle.
  • The tricky thing is obtaining the dripping oil out of the oil pan, you must be careful about that. And, you keep the plastic container and piece of cloth or paper to avoid oil stains.
  • Oil plug and oil filter are replaced after draining the oil fully.
  • You need to lubricate the edges of the new oil filter with some oil, after removing the old oil filter and then keep that in the place of old one.
  • Here, the main thing is to put back the oil in the vehicle. For that you need to find out the orifice which is at the top of the engine. Keep the funnel and fill up with required amount of the oil according to needs of the vehicle.

You can find out how much oil is required by using dipstick. You start the vehicle to check whether there are any leakages into the oil filter. You have to fix it if there is any problem.

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