Trends in Neck Wear and Jewelry of US: 2008 National Retail Federation

Coming to the neck wear which is mostly for the men, there are two major classifications like younger fashion market and the older luxury market. Coming to the ties, narrower ties of about 3 ½ inch ranges are the main trends. Depending on the age, the width of the tie gets narrowed i.e. suppose, for young men the width gets reduced.

Apart from the main stream or the trends, knit ties are being used, Bow Ties are also used.

Jewelry: During the year 2008, the costume jewelry played a major role in the market. Although the price is more, the statement jewelry with big stones and the bold stones were being used rapidly. Because of the retail assortment, with the demand in the necklaces, there is a decrement in the sales of the bracelets when compared to 2007. Even the fashion continues for the long chains and the novelty beads with the asymmetrical styles. Gold colored bangles with enamel paint are being sold. The fun bracelets like colored pyramid studs are also very hot.

With the unique material mixes and shapes, artsy necklaces are being used. Even the chandelier earrings are also used. These are the perfect accessories which are being sold a lot.

Bright hand-painted resin, glass and crystal beads are under usage. The specialty chains are being developed using distinct, store branded jewelry and the profits have increased. The unusual diamonds like black, roughcut, rose-cut are being studded in the jewelry. According to the world gold council, fine jewelry has been squeezed out because of the luxurious customers, as the cost of the gold has increased, the people are using it as an investment.

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