Guide for Simple SMS Marketing

In general, SMSes are 160 character text messages which is used for communication between mobile phones and full form of SMS is Short Message Service. This is a very personal communication method. It is a fast communication way.

SMS marketing means sending the ad of a product or service to the mobiles through SMS or message by building lists of mobile numbers. There are many ways to build the list of mobile numbers, but they comply with rules which were set by the ACMA. Generally, online SMS system is used by the mobile marketers to manage the SMS marketing process. Bulk SMS systems are cost effective and functional.

How to get a permission to send SMS: Consent is two types such as:
Express consent: Choose in check box on web subscribe form. A person must not check this check box by default, the form should be completed and selected check box willingly by a person then it means they want to listen from you.

  • You can contact the persons, if business card is given to you by any one and you have explained that you will be in touch. There is a sign indicating that they will be contacted by SMS, if their business card is dropped by them in a fishbowl at a trade show.
  • The recipient or receiver of the message should have awareness about he or she will receive commercial messages in future days. An electronic messages can be sent to get consent, because it is also a commercial message. You need to maintain a record of consent and you can prove about it in future.

Inferred consent:

  • Consent through the existing relationships of business.
  • Consent through conspicuous publication of a work related number.
  • Consent can be indicated by publishing numbers on websites, in magazines, or other publications.

You should identify a relevant recipient to your messages. Suppose if you want to sent technology related product message then recipient should be identified as the IT manager. Like this you should select a relevant recipient.

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