The means of self motivation to improve self productivity

Motivation is very important in every persons life. In every man life the motivation is very necessary thing for do works with more effectiveness in short of time. Motivation is of two types. One is external motivation and the other one is self-motivation.

The self motivation ultimately gives best result in every action. In simple words, it improves one’s performance. Self motivation differs from man to man. Few of the most famous methods for improving self productivity are:

  • To Fix a goal/aim: Determination of aim completes half the work. One has to constantly think of their aim and try to achieve it. This increases will power which inturn motivates you.
  • Concentrate on your weakness: Every person has few strengths and few weaknesses. Many people think that it is hard to overcome weaknesses, but the truth is that one can overcome their weakness just by knowing their weaknesses.
  • Adopting and Improving skills: Skills can be improved mainly by reading books, sharing thoughts on new subjects which are necessary for your goal. This helps in bringing new methods in your work for increasing productivity.
  • Be positive: This is a well known one. Many people concentrate on what they don’t want rather than concentrating on what they want. So, it is important to think positive.
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