Symptoms of Oral Yeast Infection in Women

Fungus is the main reason for yeast infection, yeast infection is called as fungal infection, thrush or candidiasis. Generally, fungus is harmless which is present on body of the human beings, when the growth of the fungus is under control.

Sometimes, this fungus increases due to some reasons then it may lead to some infections. There are many reasons for yeast infection, like taking antibiotics, excess sugar, yeast containing products, hormonal imbalance, etc. There are some symptoms of oral yeast infection in women.

Smoking and wearing of improper dentures are the reasons for oral yeast infection apart from the above mentioned reasons. Oral yeast infection’s symptoms are easy to identify. There are some symptoms of oral infection in women, such as:

  • Creamy white lesions on tongue, gums, inside mouth.
  • Getting pain in gums.
  • Difficulty in swallowing.
  • Sometimes slight bleeding.
  • Cracked corners of mouth.
  • It may cause feeling like something is stuck in the mouth.
  • Loss of taste completely.

White or yellow or cream colored spots in the mouth are common symptoms of oral yeast infection. There is no pain in the area under these spots, if they are rubbed then it might bleed.

These are the symptoms of oral yeast infection in women. There are other yeast infections also, like skin infections, systemic yeast infection. So, you should be aware of the symptoms of yeast infection, then you can find out the problem and you can go for treatment at correct time.

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