Impact of Marijuana Abuse on Driving

Marijuana is a one type of drug it has many negative effects on health. Essential motor skills like alertness, concentration, coordination and reaction time are effected by marijuana. These skills are required for safe driving. Judging distances and react to signals can be made difficult by marijuana use. If any body smokes marijuana, these effects can last up to 24 hours.

A role can be played by marijuana in motor vehicle crashes. Because of these drugs many accidents occurred; and according to NIDA study, in many accidents approximately 4 to 14 percent of drivers who were injured and died during driving were tested positive for THC. Alcohol is also one reason for many accidents. The hazards of driving can be more severe when you use marijuana with alcohol. Even a moderate dose of the marijuana will effect the driving negatively, according the study of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to study which was conducted in Memphis, Tennessee, it was found by researchers that 33 percent of drivers were tested positive for marijuana and 12 percent were tested positive for both marijuana and cocaine out of 150 reckless drivers who were arrested and tested for drugs.

Marijuana abuse can also result in short term memory. The abused might feel difficult to do even small things. So, driving under marijuana influence has high chances of accidents.

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