Know About Fleet Management

Fleet Management is the management of the fleet of vehicles of a company. It is nothing but managing a large group of vehicles of a company. It includes managing the transport vehicles like cars, vans and even trucks and in some cases even the ships. In some cases fleet management is also called the vehicle management. It includes the functions like vehicle financing, vehicle maintaining, vehicle tracking and diagnosis, driver management, fuel management, health and safety of the driver as well as the passengers. Fleet management is generally used by the companies whose business is based on transportation. This function does the tasks like minimizing the risks associated with vehicle finance, improving the efficiency, reducing the transportation costs. These functions can be done by using either the house-fleet management department or outsourced fleet management provider.

The fleet list gives the data at a glance. It also finds the way of reducing fuel costs. It also alerts if there is any accident or damage to the vehicle. The main aim of fleet management is to control the overall cost of operating and maintaining the fleet of vehicles and equipment in manner that extends their useful life. It is often used for exchanging the data between vehicle and base station. Proper data can be maintained about engine performance maintenance alerts, driver’s oversight regarding excessive speed or engine reviews, driver’s performance regarding the number of hours he worked, routes in which he traveled and even for comparing the fare costs with the number of passengers and with the distance travelled. Even the vehicle can be tracked using this fleet management. You can find out where is the vehicle and in which route it is traveling. So, fleet management is very useful for the company to manage its fleet.

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