Know About Changes In The Productivity Using Automobile Transportation

Automobile travel is advantageous to the travelers. It provides more comfort and safety. It is faster mode of transport and even it is more cost effective. And it is likely to increase productivity as the work can be completed in one day itself. Even the impact of higher usage of automobiles is economically hazardous. Generally in some cases productivity increases but where as in some cases productivity is reduced by usage of more fuel and even for paying the tax revenue.

There are some of the facts about using automobiles. They are:

  1. The time for traveling may be 10 hours during a week and another 10 hours working wages will be gone for fuel expenses.
  2. By the usage of automobiles the other modes of transport will be getting reduced with the fear of congestion and on the whole productivity decreases.
  3. Even it increases the fatalities which lead to loss of life.
  4. It increases traffic and parking congestion.
  5. Huge amount of costs on investing or rather buying them.
  6. Reduces alternative travel options like walking, cycling, public transport etc. all these means of transport tends to decrease using this automobile transportation.

All these are some of the disadvantages of automobile transportation which make the people to think for a while before using them.

But, apart from the disadvantages there are many advantages which are making the people to use them by facing them challengingly. They are

  1. It increases the efficiency of the organization or the business and also increase even the services or delivery trips i.e. for to and fro travel.
  2. Employees will be on time for the work which increases the working hours of the organization and even productivity of the company increases.
  3. It even increases the large group of working potential employees.
  4. Even it increases the efficiencies of the shopping centers.

So, these advantages make the usage of automobiles more.

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