Yoga And Its Eight Stages

Yoga means oneness and it reunite the essence of every religion, the essence of every creed and the core every spiritual path. It came from connecting to god context and just as the word religion means in a western context. The native yoga-paths are part of Vedic culture and it is referred as Hinduism.

Yoga is an origin of all religions. Yoga is root for Jainism, Buddhism and even Jesus Christ carried his lengthy pilgrimage after studying yoga. Following are some of the stages of Yoga, known as “Ashtanga yoga”:

It is an eternal and universal moral command. It was introduced to curb out all tendency toward violence and possessiveness. This helps to attain truthfulness, purity, conscience, trustworthiness, goodness and honesty.

This stage of yoga helps to bring calmness to the mind with its own rules and regulations. This practices help to do self-purification through discipline, self-contentment, and self-study.

These are a kind of body postures, which helps to develop inner awareness and aid in calming the mind.

It is a kind of breathing exercise, which helps to bring rhythmic control, prolongation and restraint of the breath. Discovery of a subtle psychic force or a subtle cosmic element is major objective of this health practices.

This type of yoga practices helps to bring control of the senses over the human body. It is capable to give up all, sentiments and pleasures. It will yield better result only when mind is withdrawn from all external attractions and objects.

A medication practice capable to lead to a state of super consciousness is called Samadhi. This is a reunion of aspirant (Sadhaka) with the object of his meditation Paramatma.

These stages of yoga are potential and destiny of a yogi’s. It is not a easy kind of job but it can give life’s purpose, spiritual mission, and field of opportunity if it is practiced in a right manner.

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