Pranayama: An Effective Breathing Exercise

Pranayama is a breathing exercise, which actually means a “pause in the movement of breath”. This exercise is based on controlled breathing practices where as breathing exercises in Western countries are focused on deep breathing and maximizing oxygen in-take. The ancient yogis (trained yoga expert) for purification developed it.

Pranayama exercises increase the amount of air we take in, so it helps to live more effectively. In this exercise, always sit with a straight spine and a relaxed body and then try to focus on any thought. In process, all breath is inhaled in slow and steady process.

To get the logic for breathing exercises, it is better to understand the state of breathing. In yoga, right nostril is termed as Sun Channel, whereas left nostril known as Moon. Left nostril is good for mental activity and creative work. Entire breathing process is divided into inhaling, exhaling, holding air in the lungs, and maintaining a gap between exhaling and inhaling for another breath.

These exercises will better result in early morning and at sunset. Try to avoid open space, which contains dust or strong breeze. Be sure about any severe physical or mental strain when practicing these exercises. Pranayama has following types of asanas:

It is a kind of breathing technique used mainly for cleansing. This helps to remove mucus from the air passages, relieves tension and clears blockages in the chest. It can be achieved deliberately by breathing faster, and at the same time use only abdominal breathing, not chest breathing.

Anuloma Ujjayi
This is done by breathing through the throat, and then completely closes one nostril and breathes out through the other nostril. This is a total breath exercise and prevent practitioner from any lungs diseases. Pranayama is also helps to control, cultivate, and modify the Prana in the body.

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