Benefits of Porcelain Tiles in Improving Your Home Interior

Porcelain is a decorative porcelain floor tile, which gives a long way in spicing up home interiors. They are made by porcelain clay. Basically, there are three main categories of porcelain tile. They are natural porcelain tile, glazed porcelain tile and polished porcelain tile.

Natural Porcelain Tile
This is an unglazed and unpolished tile, which has less than 1 percent absorption rate. It is also known as through body porcelain.

Glazed Porcelain Tile
These porcelain tiles are partially or completely glazed. They have an absorption rate of 0.5 percent, but absorption can be reduced to 0.1 percent if the body or face of the tile is used.

Polished Porcelain Tile
These types of tiles come in granite finish and surface of these tiles are not totally glazy. Basically it comprises of natural porcelain, which has a polished exterior.


  • They have hard and durable surface so that they are much resistant to tremendous wear and tear.
  • They are ideal for kitchen because they can be easily cleaned and they have capacity to resist strong chemicals and acids.
  • Natural porcelain is chip resistant

Porcelain tiles are best for decorating home. But they are a bit costly. Their installation takes a lot of time.

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