Types Of Garden Fountains Based On material

Miniature GardeningGarden Fountains add beauty to garden. They are cheap, easy to maintain, and can strangely change the image of the garden or lawn.

Garden fountains can be made of various types of materials. They are:

  • Stone: Stone is strong and can resist extreme temperatures, rain, and snow. The stones that are utilized to build fountain are granite, slate, and even marble. Generally marble deteriorates under pollution and acid rain.

  • Resin: Resin can be built in several shapes, producing wonderful effects. Care should be taken to buy best quality, as painted resins will not last long in rugged weather.

  • miniature houses Fiberglass: Fiberglass fountains are very popular for indoor and also for outdoor purposes. It is best suitable for compact, modern fountains for your patio or garden.

  • Concrete: Concrete fountains are suitable for any kind of garden background. They are available in small and also large sizes.

  • Metal: Metals like bronze and copper are used for building small garden fountains. Their use is limited as metal corrodes quickly due to moisture and pollution.

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