Documents needed while Buying An Auto-Insurance Online

Insurance buying is an easy kind of job in the present world. Buying process starts after the verification of an insurance company. Following documents are needed while purchasing auto insurance online:

Driver information
During the quoting process, a buyer needs driver’s license number and date of birth for all drivers, which will be listed on the policy. While buying auto insurance online, any information regarding traffic violations, claims and accidents on driver’s record are also needed.

Vehicle information
For complete information of vehicle, insurance company will demand car VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number.  This will give year, make, model, engine size and several other details of the car. It also helps to know other details regarding vehicle, which ranges from braking systems to airbags.

Prior carrier detail
Many insurance companies demand prior carrier detail. Each company has it’s own reason for this. These carrier details provide information of specific carrier, the policy expiration date, and length of continuous coverage and existing limits of liability.

Other drivers – Other driver information in insurance is very important before buying auto insurance online. For example if a roommate is living with you who has his/her own car then a buyer must either exclude him to the policy or add him to the policy.

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