Application Of Barcode Technology In Laboratories

Barcodes are progressively being used to assist laboratories to automate the recognition of slides, microwell plates, tubes and other containers.

Customized barcoding systems can assist laboratories in tracking samples through different  locations by eradicating the risk of error. One leading barcode company produced a custom software application and relational database to discover samples in an adolescent AIDS research study. Collection sites were provided with high-quality barcode labels to attach to the samples before they were delivered to a laboratory for testing. This made the primary sample to be marked at the time of collection with the same label assured for tracking through long-term storage.

Microwell plate labeling can be currently automated by utilizing automatic print-and-apply devices in combination with different robotic devices in the lab. Three options involved with this task are:

  • The operator will embed a plate into the nest, and the printer-applicator prints and places the barcode label to the plate.
  • A robotic device can be combined for inserting and removing the plate from the nest.
  • For excessive throughput scanning applications, a conveyor is used to quickly move the plates.

Some barcode firms offer a service bureau for naming labware like plates, tubes, vials, or glass slides. The service bureau specifies the labware as per the specification, ensuring no duplicate numbers and sequence integrity.

Barcode automation in the laboratory is not necessarily difficult or expensive, as the results may well be thorough and moreover data collection is fast and accurate. With barcodes, there is no compromise between speed and accuracy. The technology is examined, the costs are low, and if homework automating is done the lab can instantly offer payback as productivity is increased.

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