Month: April 2010

Pranayama: An Effective Breathing Exercise

Pranayama is a breathing exercise, which actually means a “pause in the movement of breath”. This exercise is based on controlled breathing practices where as breathing exercises in Western countries are focused on deep breathing and maximizing oxygen in-take. The ancient yogis (trained yoga expert) for purification developed it. Pranayama exercises increase the amount of […]

Yoga And Its Eight Stages

Yoga means oneness and it reunite the essence of every religion, the essence of every creed and the core every spiritual path. It came from connecting to god context and just as the word religion means in a western context. The native yoga-paths are part of Vedic culture and it is referred as Hinduism. Yoga […]

Know About Major Yoga Asanas

Yoga is an old health practice for stronger-flexible body, toning of muscles, reducing stress, and physical well-being. Different yoga asanas are effective for different parts of a body. Following are the major types of asanas in yoga: Vinyasa It means a breath-synchronized movement in which, performance of a series of poses called sun-salutation matched to […]

Application Of Barcode Technology In Laboratories

Barcodes are progressively being used to assist laboratories to automate the recognition of slides, microwell plates, tubes and other containers. Customized barcoding systems can assist laboratories in tracking samples through different  locations by eradicating the risk of error. One leading barcode company produced a custom software application and relational database to discover samples in an […] © 2009 - 2017