What Is A Personal Loan?

Personal loan is the amount of money that can be received from the bank or any other financial institutions. After getting the money, the person will repay the amount by regular payments on monthly basis. And it is an amount of money or credit that is offered to a borrower for personal use. Personal loan tends to carry more interest rates and is used for personal uses. Personal loans will be useful for the buying of durables and as well as perishable goods. The people will also take the personal loan for the buying of services such as doctor services.

The purposes of getting personal loan are to purchase house, television, kitchen accessories, property, and visiting any place. The different types of personal loan are Secured loan, Unsecured loan, Pay day loan, Short term personal loan, Line of credit loan.

Guaranteed personal loans are less risky when compared to other personal loans. On line personal loans are very easy to apply. This type of loans avoids the paper work. Most of the personal loans are unsecured loans.

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Updated: April 6, 2010 — 4:13 am
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