What Are CO2 Cars?

Co2 car is a very small sized car. The purpose of this car is to explain mechanical principles to engineering students. This car is driven by compressed carbon dioxide cartridge. The CO2 cars are also called as Land Speed Record Assault Vehicles (LSRAV). The car body is designed by wood and the wheels are manufactured with plastic.

The types of CO2 cars are rail cars, shell cars, hybrid cars, and shell revealed cars. The rail cars are constructed with the wheels that protrude outside. In shell cars, the wheels are located inside. The shell revealed cars contain wheels both inside and outside. The mixture of rail and shell cars is called as hybrid cars. The simple parts of the CO2 car are wheels, axels, CO2 cartridge, and body blank. The body blank is made with basswood, and balsa wood. It is easy to work with balsa wood and it is light weighted.

The CO2 cars are designed only for the purpose of engineering students. In addition, it is very easy to design a CO2 car.

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