RFID Application In Inventory Control

Even though several companies are using advanced warehouse management systems combined with supply chain systems, enterprise systems, and electronic data interchange (EDI), the movement and tracking or locating of goods by using manufacturing and supply chain procedure is difficult to manage.

Using RFID technology, inventory will be restored in real time without product movement, scanning or human involvement. It also helps in determining inventory status, while shipping and receiving documents are also generated automatically. RFID system can also generate automatic orders for stock, which are low in inventory.

Benefits of using RFID Systems in inventory control:

  • Provides visibility of total assets
  • Provides history of full inventory
  • Allows “Just-in-Time” deliveries
  • Allows full process control for all products in the store
  • Decreases lead-time
  • Reduces cross docking time
  • Increases sort or pick rate
  • Shortens shelf space
  • Gives higher-level security
  • Lessens errors and overall cost of operations

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Updated: August 31, 2011 — 12:17 am
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