How Yoga Is Related To Personality Development

Personality of a person can be classified as conscious physical personality, subconscious physical personality, mental personality, intellectual personality and spiritual personality. Yoga helps in improving all these personalities.

The conscious and subconscious physical personality can be highly improved by practicing yoga postures. They stretch body and generates relaxation. They develop the vital energy (Prana) and makes it to flow in particular parts of the body. They are considered as best remedy for back aches, digestion problems and heart problems. The modern life restricts a person to sit at one place without much physical activities. Yoga postures can strengthen the joints and different parts of the body.

The mental personality is highly influenced through Pranayama and concentration. It makes the person’s mind to stay focused on work and enables to do the things with full commitment and interest. It can naturally lead to better personal and professional gains.

Meditation builds up the intellectual personality. Mind becomes calm, clear and a person can think with more concern and affection for others. The decisions taken are proved to be correct.

Lastly, the deep meditation provides the person ultimate bliss (heaven). Person can experience joy, which cannot be achieved through worldly enjoyments.

Yoga regularly strengthens all five personalities and makes a person’s life joyous, happy and healthy.

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Updated: December 18, 2013 — 7:25 am

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