Benefits Of Using Open Source Software

Open source software is becoming an integral part of the every organization. The telecommunication systems, accounting, personal productivity applications require open source software system. Open source software system is reliable, stable, and cost effective.

The benefits of using open source software are:

  • Financial savings: Mostly the open source software is available for free. The acquisition cost is lower than the proprietary software and other traditional software. Installations, operation, training support cost are lesser than the proprietary software. The other main advantage of this open source software is that it uses lesser hardware power. You can also use cheaper hardware to get good results by open source software.
  • High quality software: This type of software is high quality software. Source code is also available in open source software. It can also be efficiently used in coding. Open source software is better choice for organizations.
  • Easy integration and interaction: Open source software uses high end technologies such as Common Information model (CIM), Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM). Due to these high-end technologies you can easily integrate, and combine server. The easy integration and interaction results in effective administration.
  •  No vendor lock-in: The major problems with using software are Lack of portability, expensive license fees and inability to customize software. But the open source software can effectively address these problems.
  • Simple license management: You can use open source software from any location and install it several times. The monitoring, tracking and counting license compliance are free from open source software.

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