Month: February 2010

RFID Application In Inventory Control

Even though several companies are using advanced warehouse management systems combined with supply chain systems, enterprise systems, and electronic data interchange (EDI), the movement and tracking or locating of goods by using manufacturing and supply chain procedure is difficult to manage. Using RFID technology, inventory will be restored in real time without product movement, scanning […]

Benefits Of Using Open Source Software

Open source software is becoming an integral part of the every organization. The telecommunication systems, accounting, personal productivity applications require open source software system. Open source software system is reliable, stable, and cost effective. The benefits of using open source software are: Financial savings: Mostly the open source software is available for free. The acquisition […]

What Are CO2 Cars?

Co2 car is a very small sized car. The purpose of this car is to explain mechanical principles to engineering students. This car is driven by compressed carbon dioxide cartridge. The CO2 cars are also called as Land Speed Record Assault Vehicles (LSRAV). The car body is designed by wood and the wheels are manufactured […]

How Yoga Is Related To Personality Development

Personality of a person can be classified as conscious physical personality, subconscious physical personality, mental personality, intellectual personality and spiritual personality. Yoga helps in improving all these personalities. The conscious and subconscious physical personality can be highly improved by practicing yoga postures. They stretch body and generates relaxation. They develop the vital energy (Prana) and […]

Prescription Drug Addiction At Schools

Schools are another place apart from home where teens can access prescription drugs, since some students should take prescribed medications during the school day. Administrators and nurses of school should make sure that only those students with prescriptions should bring medications to campus.  In order to make clear about prescription drug abuse among students, school […]

What Is A Personal Loan?

Personal loan is the amount of money that can be received from the bank or any other financial institutions. After getting the money, the person will repay the amount by regular payments on monthly basis. And it is an amount of money or credit that is offered to a borrower for personal use. Personal loan […] © 2009 - 2017