Types Of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

There are different types of outdoor lighting with many varieties and many different fixtures (fittings). The three common types of outdoor landscape lighting are:

  • Rustic Outdoor Lighting
    This is special lighting designed to have a very rustic (simple and homely) look to landscape. For log home or a rustic (natural) theme based home, rustic outdoor lighting is very suitable for outside. Most of this lighting comes with a lustered copper coating or achieved with a wrought iron look to provide lighting with rustic appeal.
  • Walkway LightingFull spectrum Led lights
    Walkway lighting also known as pathway lighting is designed to light sidewalks or walkways around home in order to have god visibility. Walkway lighting is employed to light up a specific area that is right around the light fixture. Care should be taken in installing them to keep them 6-10 feet apart to get a good look.
  • Area Lights
    Area lights also known as spot lights or flood lights are designed to light up somewhat large areas and usually they are used to highlight particular parts of landscape along with home security. They are generally considered as obstacles to burglars.

In some cases it may be reasonable to use several different kinds of lighting fixtures for outdoor landscaping. Lighting fixtures not only make yard to look wonderful, but also provide safety and security measures.

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