Importance Of Meritocracy In Recruitment

Meritocracy enables organizations to make appointments and assign responsibilities to individual based on their merit. In Meritocratic system, talent and abilities are taken into consideration. For checking the merit and abilities, some tests will be conducted. Those tests are personality test, aptitude, and ability tests. Interviewer should assess the candidate ability and merit by conducting such type of tests.

In the recruitment process, meritocracy plays an important role. Through the meritocracy, we can avoid giving the rewards and position based on wealth, origin, family connections, friendship, seniority and political power. Meritocracy can remove such type of biases. Through the meritocracy, system interviewer can hire the person based on his or her merit and talent rather than any personal bias. For hiring the right person, it is important to assess the candidate merit, talent, and abilities. Therefore, the interviewer should consider the candidate merits while selecting the right candidate.

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