Importance Of Barcodes In Medical store

In health care systems, there is inclusion of standards based technology in order to progress business systems and processes. While product identifiers i.e., barcode systems are successfully implemented in the retail, apparel and grocery industries universally, the health care industry has also implemented this for supply chain efficiency.

Health care facilities can be easily identified and ordering of necessary items can be done without catalog research. Manufacturers will have better product visibility, and distributors can be saved, as there is no need to maintain multiple cross-references to find products. Everyone has benefits with increased ease, speed, and correctness of ordering, distribution, payment, and reimbursement.

The application of barcode technology in medicine is also important to patient safety. Barcoding system is considered as a vital tool to decrease medical errors. In the report, To Error is Human: Building a Safer Health System, by the US Institute of Medicine proposed the application of barcode labels on pharmaceutical and medical supplies and explained its use as inspection of administration processes for timeliness and accuracy.

Barcoding is also used in several industries other than medicine and provides results that are error free.

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