Tips for Buying Used Car

Buying a used car is little more difficult task than buying a new one. Warranty is a problem of used car. Before buying an used car, invest time in considering various factors that would apply to a new car purchase like how you will use the vehicle, how long you plan to keep it, and your budget comprising of insurance, operation, maintenance, and repair costs. First and most important thing before buying used car is, check the papers, and verify the credentials of the previous owner. Make sure the number on the car and the serial number in registration card is same. Check for accidents, mileage the car has done, engine, paint, and tyres. It is better to take small car with less than 50,000 Kms on the reading or a larger car with less than 80,000 reading. Make sure the person who is selling the car genuinely owns it, and is not trying to sell a leased or stolen vehicle. Test drive the car and check the left and right hand steering, brakes, cornering, and controlling at speed. Also, check for the performance of the AC.

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