More Chances of Bone Fractures for Non-Exercisers

People who suffer from heart diseases are likely to suffer bone fractures than any other cardiac patients because they don’t do exercises. These patients can reduce the risk of weak bones or fractures by going through rehabilitation and increasing their exercise capacity.  People with heart failures should eat bone-strengthening diets for strong bones.

People with heart failures are at high risk for hospitalization and incapacitating hip fractures than healthier heart patients of similar age groups. In the condition in which heart can’t pump enough blood to the other organs in the body is considered as heart failure. Lung infections and major blood clots increase risk of hip bone fractures. Thirty percent of total patients who suffer from a hip fracture die within one year.

The study on risk of bone fractures for heart failure patients is conducted on 16,294 patients who visited emergency rooms with heart disease from 1998 and 2001 and patient’s ages ranged from 68 to 84. 4.6 percent of people with heart failure experienced a fracture after one year visit to the emergency rooms and patient with no heart failure had one percent hip fracture.

Even after looking all health issues, gender and various medications, patient with heart failure has more risk of bone fracture than other disease patients.

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