Who Is Not Enjoying Their Christmas?

There are many people who use Christmas in spreading controversies. They don’t like to enjoy the holiday and don’t allow others to enjoy it.

And when this group of people waged a war on Christmas, it became the Christmas Controversy. They kept on raising issues over issues on Christmas and always turned down the holiday mood of people who wanted to enjoy it.

Their first achievement was to ban the word Christmas from mentioning on December 25th by government or corporate or the public.

And even they banned using the word Christmas tree in public and now they call it as Holiday tree.

And the vows of giant retailers are different. First it was Sears Corporation that had to alter all their marketing campaigns with the word Christmas for the word Holiday.

Similar retailers are Wal-Mart, Target Corp, Gap Inc, Best Buy Corp, etc.

But you don’t have to get disturbed with all these thongs. Controversy or no controversy, celebrations remain the same for us.

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