Airplanes to Use Papers in Manufacturing

Buckypaper is not as ordinary as it sounds. It is going to be used in manufacturing of things ranging from TV to an airplane. But it is not a fancy name of some metal. It is really a paper which is soon going to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

It is all the nano technology that is going to make this paper possible to help build an airplane. This buckypaper is made of tiny carbon tubes which are around 50,000 times thinner than your hair. This material more rigid than steel and will be used in next generation electronics. The main advantage of this paper against steel is that it is lighter and when used in building an aircraft, it will shield electronic circuits and devices against electro magnetic interference, and most of all they are 500 times stronger than steel.

When you take just a gram of nano tubes and unfold them into sheets, you can cover as much as two-thirds of a foot ball ground. Such complex is nano tube.

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