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Airplanes to Use Papers in Manufacturing

Buckypaper is not as ordinary as it sounds. It is going to be used in manufacturing of things ranging from TV to an airplane. But it is not a fancy name of some metal. It is really a paper which is soon going to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

It is all the nano technology that is going to make this paper possible to help build an airplane. This buckypaper is made of tiny carbon tubes which are around 50,000 times thinner than your hair. This material more rigid than steel and will be used in next generation electronics. The main advantage of this paper against steel is that it is lighter and when used in building an aircraft, it will shield electronic circuits and devices against electro magnetic interference, and most of all they are 500 times stronger than steel.

When you take just a gram of nano tubes and unfold them into sheets, you can cover as much as two-thirds of a foot ball ground. Such complex is nano tube.

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T.V ad in CBS and NBC

Barack Obama planed a prime time TV ad before Nov 4, day on which elections are planned to held. Already advertising at record levels, Barack Obama has scheduled a half-hour commercial for prime time on Oct. 29, six days before Election Day.

Obama campaign officials said the campaign had secured a 30-minute block of time at 8 p.m. on CBS and NBC. CBS already was juggling its lineup to accommodate the Democratic presidential candidate, moving back an episode of “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”

Such a vast purchase of commercial time is of multimillion-dollar expense, but Obama has been spending dramatically on ads, overshadowing rival John McCain and the Republican National Committee.Adserver

Short political spots have been the traditional way for politicians to communicate with voters. But a prime-time, sitcom-length commercial would provide Obama an opportunity to make a closing argument to the entire country.

He was not shy about spending huge amount for the one ad and on Monday October 6, 2008, for instance, he spent $3.3 million on a single day of TV advertising. At that rate he will spend more than $90 million on ads through Election Day — more than the entire money Republican rival John McCain has to spend on his entire fall campaign.

This illustrates Obama’s continuing to reassure voters about his candidacy as an African American.

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Some US Banks May Loose Their Market Share in Next Year

In US most of banks are becoming unsafe for processing any transactions especially depositing. A lot of bank will not survive in next year despites of Government’s $ 700 billion rescue plan.

The big question for government and bank authorities is how they plan to come out of this misery. Due to huge looses on home loans banking industry is shaking. More than 800 federally insured institutions have failed in 3 years, which was during the clean up phase of long savings and loan meltdown to wound up costing of tax payers from $170 billion to $205 billion, for adjusting according to the inflation.

Government committed to spend $700 billion to save the institutions by buying bad debts. The investors have already raised question, why to pour money in these institutions. With more super-sized banks in business, fewer failures could still dump a big bill on federal deposit Insurance Corporation.
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