Athletes and Performance Enhancing Drugs

Before every game athlete drug testing is carried on every athlete who wants to participate or who selected for participating in the games. Athletes are tested whether they use any performance-enhancing drugs for increasing their efficiency. Sometimes, competitors have many questions if any participant wins the game.

These tests are practiced for identifying any use of artificial substances or methods for enhancing athlete’s performance. Some comprehensive sports testing panels test for performance-enhancing drugs including stimulants, which are abused by the athletes.

Doping at games was banned for two very good reasons like use of drug is cheating and health of athletes gets effected by use of drugs. International Olympic Committee is formed for drug testing on athletes while selecting the athletes for the participating in Olympics and list of substances is prepared by the committee, which should not present in the body of the athlete and this list is updated every year.

The main reason of testing or doping is to find good athletes who does not use any chemical or any other substances for enhancing their performance.

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