Level of Drugs Should Present In The Athlete’s Body

Athlete drug testing is conducted to ensure that no participant should have an artificially induced advantage of chemical substances. Enormous pressure is faced by the athletes to excel in the competition. Some have very strong desire to win more than one gold medal in the games for that he can go for performance-enhancing drugs or substances. Athletes have random drug testing process but not preplanned timings for drug testing.

Athletes check the levels of drugs through athlete drug testing. Presence of Amphetamine should be less than 500ng/ml for athletes and this helps the athletes for improving their endurances. Presence of Andro should be less than 250ng/ml and it helps in decreasing the body fat and promotes muscle growth. Diuretics help in losing the body weight and this drug is detected within 1hour after use. Ephedrine used for increasing the performance and presence should be less than 1000ng/ml. Mostly urine samples are preferred instead of blood samples for testing most substances, by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) because it easier to collect volumes of urine than collection of blood samples.

Athletes should provide a specimen of approximately 75ml and 27 laboratories around the world conduct the IOC subjected testing for the samples provided. More than 5000 tests are conducted for Olympic testing each year under bona fide conditions and with proper documentation.

Performance-enhancing drugs usage demeans both sport and the athlete who use them. Don’t use any performance-enhancing drugs and participate in the games.

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