Pros & Cons Of Desktops & Laptops

At this time most of the customers are confused to decide to but the computers because wide ranges of options are available in the market and more importantly it very hard to decide the whether purchase the laptop are desktops. Both of models are having the different advantages and disadvantages. So whenever you are selecting the model that should meet your requirements. If the main purpose is for personal use then the traditional desktop PC is a suitable but buy if you fall in business category then going for a laptop is a must. Here are some pros and cons between the desktops and laptops.

Advantages of Desktops:

  • Cheaper to buy than laptops and notebooks
  • Easier and cheaper to upgrade
  • More ergonomic (has a better keyboard, mouse, and screen)
  • Harder to steal
  • About 20%-30% faster than an equivalent laptop
  • Good for gaming and other intensive computer tasks

Disadvantages of Desktops:

  • Not mobile
  • Takes up space

Advantages of Laptops:

  • goes anywhere
  • Takes up very little space
  • Can use in classroom.

Disadvantages of Laptops:

  • More expensive
  • Slower than a desktop
  • Difficult to upgrade or repair
  • You have to lug it around all day
  • Much easier to drop/break
  • Easily stolen

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