A Glimpse at the American Folk Music

In the US people are listening different kind of music. Now I share the information on American folk music. The American folk music is also known as Americana and it is a broad category of music including Bluegrass, country music, gospel, old time music, jug bands, Appalachian folk, blues, Cajun and Native American music. The music is considered “American” because it is either native to the United States or there varied enough from its origins that it struck musicologists as something distinctly new; it is considered “roots music” because it served as the basis of music later developed in the United States, including rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and jazz.

Now the roots musicians are not agree to consider themselves to be folk musicians. Because the roots music seems to be cover a slightly broader range, including blues and country. The roots musical forms reached the height in the first two to three decades of the 20th century. The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl were extremely important in disseminating these musical styles to the rest of the country, as Delta blues masters, itinerant honky tonk singers and Latino and Cajun musicians spread to cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. At the same time the recording industry growing up so profits from music placed pressure on artists, songwriters and label executives to replicate previous hit songs. The roots approach to music emphasizes the variety of American musical traditions, the genealogy of creative lineages and communities, and the pioneering contributions of musicians working in these traditions today. In recent years roots music has been the focus of popular media programs such as Garrison Keillor’s public radio program A Prairie Home Companion and the feature film by the same name.

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