Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

With the Halloween celebrations approaching, many people just enjoy Halloween without proper knowledge on why we celebrate Halloween. This is very bad thing. When you celebrate a thing, the enjoyment and excitement increases many times if you have some idea on why you are celebrating it.

This festival has a history of many thousands of years. This was actually the new year of Celts called as Samhain. They thought that the dead would walk onto the earth and cause problems to the alive, like sickness, damaging crops, etc. So they used to build a big bonfire on this day and give sacrifices to evil spirits to please them. And the funny costumes were to swindle those spirits.

The Halloween was extracted form the word All-Hallow’s Even. The Even here is short form of Evening. And the famous part of the day is Trick-or-Treat.

So for now, I believe you have enough information on Halloween. So enjoy your Halloween.

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